Clinical Graphology Interview: Jenni & Villa

Jenni and Villa were married 4 years, had a 2-year-old son, and you won’t BELIEVE this! Just listen to how Clinical Graphology changed them and saved their marriage.
Due to privacy (HIPAA), this is audio-only.
jenni villa

Ms. Mozelle MartinFMHP, FHWE, PhD.

  • 35-year  International Forensic Handwriting Expert
  • Author:  What I Learned From Watching CSI
  • Contracted Forensic Mental Health Professional for Jails & Prisons
  • Creator” The Housecall Analyst forensic book series
  • Forensic Consultant since 2007 –
  • Forensic Team Member since 2020 –
  • Former Forensic Consultant – Criminal Minds TV show
  • Media Commentator for ABC, NBC, TruTV, Crime Watch Daily, etc.
  • Plantologist, Pianist, Photographer, and Artist