POLICE VIDEO: Damage to Our Hotel by a Domestic Terrorist Group

If you read my autobiography called “The Initiation“, you read about the damage that the Posse Comitatus group did to my parent’s hotel.

Thanks to VHS-to-digital services you can WATCH part of the walk-through that the police department did.

Before we could enter the building, the feds were there with bomb-detection dogs and more!!

In case you are unsure of the details, you will find them ALL in my life story called “The Initiation” on ebook and paperback.

You will mostly see my adoptive father leading the “tour” with the local police officer behind the camera. Every now and then you will get a glimpse of my adoptive mother.

In short, this part of my book is about how the people of a small town can really screw someone over and get away with it. It was all over the regional news and people from hundreds of miles away came to tour our hotel.


The feds told us they were a “domestic terrorist group” but you can read more in my book and on Wikipedia.


Ms. Mozelle MartinFMHP, FHWE, PhD.

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