Ankle Knee Injury Seen in Handwriting

Two weeks ago today I fell down some steps. On the way down to the ground, I fractured my ankle (well, refractured an already barely-healed fracture from before). As I landed on the ground, I landed on my knee.

X-rays showed that I also gave a hairline fracture to my knee.

When I followed up with my regular doctor two days later, I had an awful lower backache and stiff neck from trying to catch myself by grabbing onto the railing. Obviously, since I landed on my knee, the railing was of no assistance, lol.

The day before, I had handwritten a note to one of my staff members, “Ashley”. However, the pain dot on the ‘h’ and ‘e’ is heartburn (dang spicy Mexican food!)

An hour after my x-rays, I wrote a note to a friend, “Jean”.

Note the differences and how my handwriting (specifically the “y” and “J”) show my ankle and knee injury and pain.

The same pen was used on both handwriting samples. The heavy dots on the top of the “J” shows the pain in my head and neck. The heavy dot in the middle of the “J” shows my lower back pain. The heavy dot on the bottom – the middle of the lower loop – shows the pain in my knee & ankle.

Before injury…

After injury…

Next time you feel pain somewhere in your physical body, write down what you feel such as “I have a headache”. Then, when your pain is gone, write the same sentence again with the same pen. Then look for pain dots or pressure differences between your two handwriting samples.


Ms. Mozelle Martin, FMHP, FHWE, PhD.

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